LeAnn Rimes: Sabotaging a Little Girl's $5 Million Recording Contract?

Have you heard of Carly Rose Soneclar? She's the young little powerhouse with a larger than life voice on The X Factor. Seriously, this kid was up there on a Celine Dion kind of level with her performance of "My Heart Will Go On." Skip to the 2 minute mark to cut straight to the performance, 2:50 for when things start to get really good.

Check this out: Lil' homeslice is only 13 years old!  

On last night's episode, this wunderkind busted out her rendition of "How Do I Live?" and to no one's shock, she killed it.

Then, the original singer, LeAnn Rimes came out and joined her. Watch this uh, performance, and judge for yourself:

Folks on the interwebz are speculating that Rimes had a little (or a lot) of "liquid courage" prior to joining Carly Rose on stage. This could be jumping to unfair conclusions. Yes, she didn forget lyrics in 2 obvious places, seemed to have a little trouble standing upright and her voice was a little odd, but we all have our off days.

Look, you guys don't always find my blog posts hysterical, and that's fine (I just go sit in a corner and sob into my bag of Doritos) because no one can be 100% all of the time. Maybe Rimes was having a 50% day.

What everyone seems to agree on, however, is that Rimes made several attempts to upstage Carly Rose during the performance. Some scales and notes seemed casually thrown in, (and not to improve the song either) creating awkward timing for Carly Rose to have to juggle with to get the song flowing again. We're not the only ones thinking how awkward this performance was. Peep Brit-Brit's face when the camera cuts to her:

It's like Brit-Brit wants to apologize for picking this song in the first place...

It's like Brit-Brit wants to apologize for picking this song in the first place...

IF LeAnn was drunk and/or IF she purposely went out to upstage Carly Rose, that's extremely unprofessional. Then again, we're talking about a woman who just wrote a song about her affair with Eddie Cibrian when they were still married to other people.

Could this have wrecked Carly Rose's chance at winning The X Factor? Maybe. But Carly Rose acted like a true professional, and that could win major points in her favor. If anything, she should be judged on her talent and her talent alone.

What's your take on the situation, Insticators? Do you think LeAnn's "performance" brought Carly Rose down last night? Or will she still have a chance of taking home the prize after tonight's finale?