The Mole: Homeland Edition

If you walked away last night after the season 2 finale of Homeland without any questions, you probably weren't watching Homeland. You were probably watching TLC's Sister Wives (I could see how you could get these two mixed up.)

Let's get down to the question on everyone's mind: Who is the mole?

I miss this show, Damn you ABC!

I miss this show, Damn you ABC!

Peter Quinn

homeland quinn 615 showtime.png

Here's an interesting theory. Remember the shoot-out at the tailor's shop? Everyone died except Quinn. Could have been intentional so as to not blow his cover. Also, Quinn has the credentials to be able to move Brody's car, so it's possible.

Quinn's character has had me extremely confused all season, so I don't know which fuckin' side he's on. Also, I felt like there was a little gay unresolved sexual tension in that scene between Estes and Quinn, when Quinn had a change of heart about his "mission." Anyone else?

Just me then? Moving on...

David Estes

david estes.jpg

This douche bag. First off, take the damn Bluetooth out of your ear, this is not 2004. You're the CIA damn it, you have better technology then that.

In season 1, I was basically like "Noooooo, Estes, believe Carrie. I do believe in Carrie, I do, I do!   (Just skip to 2:30 if you're too impatient to get the joke.)

As season 2 progressed, however, I was realizing "Hey...this guy is kind of a jerk," which morphed into "HEY, EVERYONE CHECK OUT THIS ASSHOLE."

I don't think a failed marriage is enough to motivate someone into killing themselves (HAHA, RIGHT SEASON 1 BRODY?) but that would be pretty sick if Estes was the mole.Think about it, that's one calm mofo walking up to the podium, knowing he's about to die. He would have the credentials for moving Brody's car, but I'm not putting anything together for a plausible motive.

Either way, he's dead and so is the VP's annoying little jerk off son. 

Celebrating the death of fictional characters is fine. Don't judge me.

Celebrating the death of fictional characters is fine. Don't judge me.

Christopher Brody

chris brody.jpg


Saul Berenson


First off, what's with everyone always assuming that when Saul prays in another language, that it's a Muslim prayer? Everyone gets all "ZOMG Saul is totally a terrorist, you hear him speaking not English? So terrorist-y." That sounds pretty racist to me, you racist ding dongs.

Saul is Jewish. Both times he's saying a prayer, it's a Hebrew prayer. Get some damn education.

Anyway, if Saul is the mole, I will go out and buy the largest tub of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (my inner fatty advises me I should do this anyway) , draw the curtains and weep openly into my ice cream while I devour it with Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor on loop.

I don't know what evidence there is to point to Saul being the mole, but it would break what remains of my heart.

Some other theories out there are that Abu Nazir is actually not dead, that they killed his body double. If this is true, I'm going to wonder what fetus is running the CIA (I wondered this anyway...Nazir just took a casual stroll into America? Imagine if Bin Laden did this!) that a simple look of "Yeah, looks like our guy" is enough to confirm it's him. When Seal Team 6 went in for Bin Laden, they took DNA samples and had extensive "cheat sheets" on how to confirm if they got their man. So if they do pull this body double thing, I'm rage quitting Homeland.

Saul's wife is coming back, which honestly isn't that exciting. Now THIS is exciting:

Stay awesome, Insticators.