Hiiiiiiigh as a Motha... CEO of a Fortune 500 Company?

“You guys, I’m getting really worried. All of these states keep legalizing medical marijuana, and like, what is going to happen to America? Let’s think about our children’s little stoner children; getting their medical marijuana card with their MMR shots, smoking up in the nurse’s office to ease the anxiety of middle school. A whole generation of people destined to be rappers or burger flippers. The death of motivation. It’s bleak guys, real bleak.

Who will our presidents be? Our artists? Our athletes? Our Oscar winners? Our CEOs? With weed run rampant, surely no one will have enough brain cells to make sure culture continues. Right, guys? Right?” - Some Idiot.

Almost half of all Americans have admitted to smoking pot, many of whom are basically the most successful people in the world. So, in case there are any people out there still under the impression that weed shatters all hopes and dreams (it’s actually meth that does that) let’s have a look at some famous potheads:

While the list goes on (and on, and on) we’ll stop there. So, who are your favorite potheads? Willie Nelson? Wiz Khalifa? Bob Marley? Your kid brother?