Justice Porn with the Dropkick Murphys

So you know that thing when you're at a party and you're having a good time, and then someone has to come on in and fuck it up with their ignorant bullshit? Don't you sometimes wish you could just put down your drink, turn to the person you're chatting with, say, "Hold on just a second, I've gotta take care of something", and then calmly walk over and smash a base over said ignorant asshole's head? 

Generally, this is considered bad form, but Dropkick Murphys singer/bassist Ken Casey proves the exception to the rule.  At their show at Terminal 5 last week, they let the ladies rush the stage (as is tradition) as they played "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced", romance ballad extraordinare. By the time they'd followed up with "Skinhead on the MBTA" (a song explicitly about how skinheads are mindless, violent assholes), ladies and gentlemen alike had rushed the stage to capacity.

They were mid-way through a cover of AC/DC's "T.N.T." when shit got real. Start around the 8:00 mark.

That's right. You just saw the bass player stop mid-way through a song to beat the crap out of a guy who had the douche-tastic audacity to start throwin' out the Zeig Heil salute. None of that "Hey, dude...cut it out" from the stage for Ken Casey. He then comes back to center-stage, his shirt ripped from the fight, and wraps up what might be one of the finest examples of justice porn I've seen in awhile with a very straightforward announcement:


....and then continues right along with the show.

fuck yeah dementia.gif

Now, I don't know if you know this, dear reader, but growing up in Boston, you encounter a good deal of Nazi douchebags. I've had my fair share of run-ins with these sorts of dudes, and the amount of times I've wanted to do exactly what I just saw Ken Casey doing are pretty much innumerable. Don't get me wrong: I'm not a fan of violence in general and I have my own issues with the Dropkick Murphys (though admittedly I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for them), but if there's a more perfect candidate for a punch in the head, I'll eat my hat. So right on, Ken Casey. You're fighting the good fight.


Hot Clip of the Day: Jake & Amir Tackle March Madness

Still haven't filled out your bracket for March Madness? What are you, insane?

Never fear, for Jake and Amir are here to help you. And by 'help,' I mean Amir is going to make incredibly bad puns and life choices while Jake continues to judge him.

Show of hands, anyone else want to see Amir in a ballgown sitting on a pumpkin? No? Just me? That's fine.

Make sure you watch the video all the way through, because the only thing better than a Jake and Amir video are some Jake and Amir outtakes!

Woods and Vonn Become Facebook Official

Tiger Woods is such a grown up!

He always finds the best ways to handle his personal-life matters, doesn't he?

He chose Facebook to tell the world he is in a relationship with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. Now that means their relationship is really serious, right?


This is what you could see on his Facebook profile. It really makes a lot of sense to publish the text above along with all those pictures, only to then ask for privacy...after all, if you want to hide anything, Facebook is definitely the place to do it.

Woods and his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, appeared to be in good terms prior the golfer's announcement. Now, not so much. Both attended their five-year-old daughter's baseball game, and were seen sitting in opposite places on the bleachers, while Vonn sat in Woods' car. No golf clubs in reach? Well, all good then!

We gotta give Tiger Woods a little recognition though, since his divorce, he hasn't been seen "officially" with any woman.

Meanwhile, Nordegren has been dating the billionaire coal tycoon, Chris Cline (just 20 years older than her) for a few months. Also, Vonn just signed her divorce from her former coach nearly one year ago.

The blondes didn't waste a minute!

As long as everyone is happy, I guess. I know Under Armour and Nike are after all the pics showing logos everywhere!

No love is greater than the love you have for your sponsors!