St. Patty's Day: 10 Most Popular Beers

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Ready to chug some green beer and party today?

As supporters of a good time, you can check out here a list of most popular beers! Let's get ready to celebrate!

Just in time for the biggest beer-drinking day of the year, these are the 10 most popular beers, following data collected by YouGov BrandIndex:

1 - Coors Light

2 - Yuengling

3 - Stella Artois

4 - Guinness

5 - Heineken

6 - Corona

7 - Bud Light

8 - Dos Equis

9 - Budweiser

10 - Samuel Adams

Now, knowing better what to fill up your glass with on St. Patty's Day, be responsible. Have fun, but don't get in trouble!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!

Hot Clip of the Day: My Drunk Kitchen, Shamrock Shake Edition

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Nursing that hangover? I bet you are!

While you crawl your way to the nearest carbohydrate, juice, alcohol or whatever hangover cure you're thinking of, enjoy this (appropriately themed) My Drunk Kitchen episode from the always amazing Hannah Hart. If you're not familiar with Hannah's incredibly entertaining work, move your mouse back a few paces and click that hyperlink. Do you like food, comedy and alcohol? Well that's Hannah.

(Hannah, I love you, CALL ME!)

Girls Season 2 Finale!

I feel like it was just yesterday when I was watching the promos for season 2, thinking to myself that I definitely wouldn't watch it because I didn't want to be reminded every Sunday what kind of shitshow my 20's are. Well, that promise didn't last very long and here I am, right before the season finale, much too engrossed in the show, wondering why it is over so soon. 



How can everything be over right when Marnie's singing career is about to take off, Ray and Shoshana are in crisis, and Hannah is still carrying around her bloody Qtip? The only explanation is that Hannah has already had sex with every stereotype out there and Jemima Kirke (Jessa) had to take leave to care for her baby

I have a lot of expectations for this finale. There are the usual questions; will Ray and Shoshana break up? Will Hannah get her OCD under control? Is Marnie going to finally blow? Blah blah blah. Here are the real burning questions I have for the finale:

1. Is Shoshana ever going to graduate? What is she even studying?



2. Is Jessa's sort-of-stepbrother gay? Remember that one that Hannah slept with (if you can call that sex) in the woods when she was upstate with Jessa? He was in love with his best friend, what happened to that?

3. Is Marnie going to record her version of "Stronger"? Because I would buy that.


4. Is Hannah ever going to have a real job? She quit Grumpy's on a whim to hang out with Joshua and now she is "writing her e-book," but how does she pay rent? She keeps kicking out her rent-paying roommates and her parents aren't paying for her anymore, so I presume she has a part-time job or is collecting unemployment to get by? Probs not. Most likely she is living in mythical TV land where there are no bills. Ah, that would be the life. 

5. Can Hannah put some fucking clothes on?! Something normal please?


6. Where oh where did Donald Glover go?



There are so many unanswered questions. Tune in this Sunday to (hopefully) find out the conclusions to the Ray/Shoshana, Marnie/Charlie, Hannah/her OCD, Hannah/Adam, and Adam/Natalia stories. Maybe Marnie will release a single. Maybe Shosh will run off with the doorman. Maybe Jessa will return. The possibilities are endless!

As to my burning questions, I may have to wait.


Hot Clip of the Day: Lindsey Stirling is a Musical Goddess

Meet Lindsey Stirling. She is 3000 kinds of awesome.


Lindsey might look a bit familiar because she was the hip hop violinist quarter finalist from 2010 America's Got Talent. You're probably hating already, thinking "So what? She plays the violin, big deal."

Oh, Lindsey is a very big deal, my friend. She is a violinist, musician, dancer, performance artist and a composer. She plays the violin and dances at the same time! I can barely blog and eat my lunch simultaneously.

Our Ho Clip of the Day is the music video for Lindsey's song "Elements." Watch it and try not to be impressed, I dare you.

BONUS CLIP: Here's the music video for "Crystalize," which Lindsey is most known for.