What to Watch Tonight: Wednesday Edition

You Insticators know what I'll be doing tonight.

That's right, watching Dance Moms and yelling at Abby Lee McTerrible through my TV screen. If that's not your cup of tea (Or coffee, or tequila, or whatever,) you can check out what else is on tonight:

Hell’s Kitchen


8PM, FOX; Season Premiere:  Ramsay sends contestants out of the kitchen after a rocky first dinner service.

I’m watching this just because I hope he comes up with new and creative ways of berating contestants.

Celebrity Wife Swap


8PM, ABC:  Actor Alan Thicke’s wife, Tanya, finds comic Gilbert Gottfried’s economical ways a shock when she leaves her lavish life to trade places with Gottfried’s wife, Dara.

I honestly didn't realize Alan Thicke was still living the life of luxury.

Dance Moms


8PM, Lifetime:  The girls struggle with a military-inspired group dance.

They should have just left the description at "The girls struggle" and that would sum up all the episodes of Dance Moms

19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia


9PM, TLC; Season Premiere  The Duggars are taking their first trip to Asia.

The Chinese Government is going to take one look at all these kids and go "WTF?"



10PM, FX:  Drew Thompson slips through the fingers of Raylan, Boyd and the Detroit mob.

Sounds like Drew is a bit of a magician, no?

World’s Worst Tenants


10PM, Spike; Season Premier:  A tenant is saved from carbon monoxide poisoning; Rick finds decomposing bodies in a funeral home.

Maybe I'm being a little obtuse here, but wouldn't you normally find decomposing bodies in a funeral home?

What will you be watching tonight, Insticators?

Arrested Development Countdown! Be Still My Heart!

Like all Arrested Development fanatics, I was pretty much devastated when my darling, darling show went off the air. Fox Networks played terrible games with my heart, and I still haven't forgiven them for it.

                                                            TASTE IT, FOX

                                                           TASTE IT, FOX

Recently, though, the skies opened up and rays of beautiful sunshiney news came through the clouds: NEW EPISODES!!!

                                                              Taste the happy.

                                                             Taste the happy.

That's right, Bluth fans. Despite Fox's determination to kill one of the greatest things that ever happened to TV, it's been confirmed that there will be ten brand new Arrested Development episodes, all released at once on Netflix sometime in May. Though we don't know the exact date, it's been widely speculated that it will be May 4th.

  That's chicken dance level excitement right there.

  That's chicken dance level excitement right there.

That makes today a very special day for those of us waiting for more AD action. Starting today, if you watched one episode of Arrested Development every day, you would finish the series on the 3rd, meaning you could move seamlessly from one era of dysfunctional family fun to the next. Of course, this assumes it is possible to only watch one episode of Arrested Development at a time, which scientists contend is a biological impossibility. 

   Seriously, don't even try. You might hurt yourself.

   Seriously, don't even try. You might hurt yourself.

As if the prospect of new episodes wasn't awesome enough, Jason Bateman has basically confirmed that the rumored Arrested Development movie is finally in the works. One can only hope that Tobias is able to hide his thunder on the big screen.



Whether or not you do the one-a-day challenge (which, again, may be injurious to your health), you can look forward to some new Arrested Development soon. And remember, kids...