Kim Kardashian's Bloody Fun Experience

Bizarre is the word for last Sunday's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. Those who watched had an unadvised free sample of a horror movie. This is what you were treated to:

Kim Kardashian in Vampire Diaries or some zombie TV show?

Kim Kardashian in Vampire Diaries or some zombie TV show?

Kim decided to do a beauty treatment that is known as a "blood facial." Just from the sound of it, you already know that it can't be good. Why would anyone want to do a facial treatment that suggests that there will be blood involved?

Good question, I don't know either.

The blood facial is an in-office procedure and involves having blood drawn from your arm, put in a centrifuge where the platelets are separated from everything else. Then, those platelets are injected into your face hoping it will stimulate new collagen production. Sounds AMAZINGLY pleasant, doesn't it?

I actually think Kim had a ball doing it! What do you think?


She said about the bloody experience: "I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful." I mean, anyone long as you don't look like you have just walked off the set of one of the Saw movies.

Do you Insticators agree that Kim is taking it one step too far, and should slow down now that she will be a mom?

Hot Clip of the Day: The Worst Music Video EVER

Shout out to Insticator Lana for showing us this video.

You know those music videos that are so bad they are good? This is not one of them. It's just straight up bad

Meet songbird Lisa Gail Allred:



In what was clearly the product of a very large budget, Lisa showers our ears and eyeballs with a music video for her song "3 Second Rule," which we think is about your man being able to look at another chick for only three seconds.

We're not sure what's going on, there's some mediocre line dancing, a lot of head bowing, shoddy school auditoriums and some terrible auto-tuning towards the end. "Like the kind of rule you had in school." What? No. We conferred around the office, no one had a rule like this at school.

This isn't our Hot Clip of the Day because it's so bad. It's our Hot Clip of the Day because Lisa Gail Allred either does not give any damns or she's crazy. We salute both.

Louis C.K.'s New HBO Special is Going to be Awesome

Louis C.K. isn't going to do a promo for his new HBO Special Oh My God like everyone else does: flashy lights, big fonts, dramatic music.

Oh no. Louis C.K. is going to do the opposite and make fun of it. And he did not fail to deliver.

If the promo below is anything to go by, his latest special is going to be awesome. We'll definitely be watching!

RHOA: Kenya Moore Has A Music Video. Of Course.

Following in the footsteps of some RHONYC and RHOA alum, Kenya Moore has made a music video.


Unlike the housewives turned "pop stars", Kenya doesn't take herself as an artist seriously at all.

The video starts out mocking a fight Kenya and fellow housewife Porsha had in an earlier episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta (don't be fulled, Kenya did not remain as calm as she appears in the music video. She flipped and went straight cray all over Porsha.)

Porsha isn't the only housewife who has ended up on Kenya's bad side, and the video makes a dig at Phaedra (in her infamous bathing suit) as well.

The video is just pure ridiculousness, but we can say this: despite making fun at herself and cast mates, Kenya proves she has talent by busting out some serious dance moves a la Beyonce's Single Ladies .

You go, Kenya. You're gone with the wind fabulous!

Now twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl...