Courtney Stodden has Multiple Personalities. Good.

I'm a bit reluctant to admit this, but Courtney Stodden might be smarter than I (and everyone else on this planet) give her credit for.

She might be a lot smarter, actually.

Playing her half-sister "Courtland," Courtney accurately points out all the things that are messed up about here, proving there might be signs of life inside that head of hers.

Just kidding. Watch the video, and then make up for it by doing something productive.

Seriously, who the hell names their dog "Dourtney""

Hot Clip of the Day: How to Start a Bro Fight

Bros. They're everywhere. You probably went to college with some (half of my school's population was made up of Bros) and if you take public transportation, you'll spot some.

If you take public transportation around 3 in the morning, you'll spot them all.

Our Hot Clip of the Day is for all you Bros in training (though we honestly don't think it takes much training to become a Bro,) here is how to get your Bro Fight on.

Accurate video is accurate.

Meet the Sharks of "Shark Tank"

One of our not so guilty Friday night pleasures is watching Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a reality show that gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true and become successful and possibly wealthy business people. But the entrepreneurs must first try to convince five tough, multi-millionaire tycoons to part with their own hard-earned cash and give them the funding they need to jump start their ideas. 

These five tycoons are known as The Sharks:

Here's some more info about the Sharks, as well as some of our personal opinions:

ScreenHunter_21 Mar. 08 17.24.jpg

Barb (yeah, we know each other like that) is usually the one to be the most flexible when making a deal, Barb is the current "only female in the house" shark, but other times you may catch Lori Greiner in her place. If Lori is sitting in the chair, you can damn well bet you're going to hear about all her experience with home shopping networks...

ScreenHunter_21 Mar. 08 17.29.jpg

Ironically nicknamed "Mr. Wonderful," this guy is the worst. Seriously, he's over the top obnoxious and goes out of his way to tell entrepreneurs to reject other offers when he himself isn't putting one up. His whole demeanor screams "Please, punch me in my face!"

ScreenHunter_21 Mar. 08 17.32.jpg

The thing about Daymond is that you'll rarely see him make an offer, much less actually close a deal. Why? Daymond isn't rude like Kevin, he's far from it. However, if someone comes in with a product that's not related to the fashion industry, he's automatically out, citing he wouldn't be a good fit. This could be a nice move on Daymond's part, allowing the entrepreneur to find someone who would be able to help them more, but we think Daymond is seriously limiting himself.

That or he's a gigantic wuss.

ScreenHunter_21 Mar. 08 17.35.jpg

FAVORITE SHARK ALERT. SOMEONE GIVE MARK CUBAN ALL THE AWARDS, PLEASE. (Pssst, Mark! Send us some Mavs tickets, okay? xoxo, Insticator)

ScreenHunter_21 Mar. 08 17.38.jpg

Robert is the nicest of the Sharks, don't let this picture fool you. Whenever he rejects a deal, you're not even angry, you just think "That's okay, Rob knows best. Let's give him a hug!"

Shark Tank airs Friday nights on ABC at 9 PM. Will you be watching along with us tonight?

What Can You Do In 60 Seconds?

Question of the day: what can you do in 60 seconds?

I could think of a few things...but just added one to my list. Now you can also watch summaries of movies in a very fun way.

About 3 months ago, Youtube user 1A4STUDIO, from Russia, started to upload animations to their channel. They all share the same model: they explain long-ass stories in a very short amount of time using a lot of humor.

They recently started a new series called Speedrun. In a 60 seconds animation, they shows an entire movie. Back To The Future I was the first one, and you can check it out here.

Awesome, isn't it?

The most recent one is Matrix in 60 seconds, and I particularly loved it!

The guys are awesome and the public seems to be loving their work. Their videos are all slowly but surely becoming viral.

Insticators, be the first ones to watch it and be ahead of the game as far as new trending videos! You all saw what happened to the Harlem Shake...