"Game of Thrones" Season 3 Extended Trailer

March 31st is coming...and if Game of Thrones fans weren't already on edge, an extended season 3 trailer has been released. 21 extra seconds, and trust us, every one of those seconds count!

Non-Game of Thrones-Book readers, consider yourself warned however. These extra seconds contain some spoilers that you might catch. 

Want more Game of Thrones? While you're waiting, check out these two deleted scenes from season 2!

Top 5 Celebrities Bradley Cooper Should Date

Give a warm round of applause to our guest blogger, Sara Paili, as she tackles the question on most tabloid writer's minds: who should Bradley Cooper date?

Now that Jennifer Lawrence is tired of setting Bradley Cooper up on dates, it’s time for everyone’s favorite chick flick boy toy to make his own romance. It’s understandable why he’s single. It’s Hollywood and you’re an A-list actor. No really, think about it! Everyone wants something from you. Everyone except women whose careers are better than yours, and we all know how well that works (Bennifer, Britney and whats-his-name). After being divorced once before, Ben says he’s ready for something serious. Here are some serious contenders:

Kristin Kreuk


This small screen beauty deserves a sweet guy like Brad, not a beast! She’s been around the block as long as he has in the acting world. Both of their careers took off around 2001. 

Eva Longoria


Now this is a real woman with a serious case of sexy. We can’t imagine why her ex-husband would cheat.  Both she and Brad have been divorced and they’re both around the same age. Her awesome body is just a bonus.

Mindy Kaling


Smart, cute and intense – not to mention hilarious! Mindy has been producer, writer and actor on both her own show and The Office! She knows what it means to live in this business and how to handle being a star with grace and wit.

Amanda Seyfried


She may have played a slut in Mean Girls, but in real life this actress groans about having to lose weight for awards shows and thinks it’s ridiculous that she has to eat only spinach. We’d date her!

Jennifer Morrison


Tough and gorgeous as Sheriff of Storybrook, all without that dominatrix vibe or stilettos. She’s got a similar screen presence as Brad, sweet one minute on House, and intense and in control the next. They look like they’d be America’s golden couple too, flashing those megawatt smiles together on the red carpet!

What do you think Insticators? Alleged foot fetish rumor aside, which Hollywood beauty should Cooper shack up with next?

The Future of Dating

Insticators, the new device that has everything to become a major madness among the tech fanatics is Google Glasses.

Wait for lines around blocks when it launches! If you don't have a sleeping bag or a tent, but are a tech freak, go get'em!

In a brief explanation, Google Glasses consists of a camera and a computer screen bonded together, with the extra feature of being voice activated. If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, check it our here.

Now, how cool is this little thing?!

It will be released to the pubic in 2014. Whoever is planning on getting a pair, should prepare their pockets though: they will be on the market for $1500 a piece!

The whole buzz about the device opened a sea of possible things to do with it. It also got people wondering what is going to happen with relationships when Google Glasses become an every-day tool. I came across this video and agree 100% that dating will become something like this!

What do you think about Google Glasses? How do you think it will change people's lives? Will you be willing to spend $1500 on a pair?