Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson Swapping Lives? Oh, Good.

Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson are trading places for the premiere episode of Celebrity Wife Swap tonight. How the hell did Kendra agree to get the short end of the stick in this arrangement? 


TV Producers: Kendra, we want you to be on the premiere episode of Celebrity Wife Swap! Just sign this contract here!

Kendra: *signing* Great! Who am I trading places with? Tiny Fey? Gwen Stefani? Jada Pinkett-Smith?

TV Producers: Kate Gosselin! *takes contract and parachutes out of headquarters*

At least, that's how we're imagining the meeting went down, because how else could she have agreed to become a single mother of eight kids?

I don't know how Hank is going to survive. Every time Kate opens her mouth, it's like:

But she never shuts up, does she?

But she never shuts up, does she?

Here's a clip, just in case any of you are dying from anticipation of tonight's premiere:

I want to smack Kate already, don't you?

Are any of you Insticators going to be watching tonight? I'd tune in, but I'll be too busy foaming at the mouth, waiting for Dance Moms to come on.

Can Shameless Get Any Crazier?

Shameless if one of the best TV shows ever for its atrocious, bizarre, non-sense story plot. Still, it seems to get even more surreal at every episode, and that's what makes it so addicting!


Last Sunday's episode just went over board with the craziness, though.

So Fiona has been struggling to keep her job at the supermarket. She has been a victim of sabotage from her bitchy co-workers. What makes those women think Fiona is guilty for their stupidity, is still beyond me. Why weren't they smart enough to think to get themselves something to use to blackmail their abusive boss? Ladies, please use your head for something more than just to hold your hair, and stop hating on smart girls who have their lives together.

Thank you.

Anyway, all the kids were taken away by child services due to an "anonymous call" - that we all know was made by the children's own dad, Frank, in revenge for them not letting him in the house when he comes back from God knows where.

So getting it straight: the man comes home drugged and drunk, after he ran away for who knows how long...and the kids didn't have the right of wanting their irresponsible drug addict father out of the house?! If the dictionary was just a compilation of pics, the word "Shameless" would have Frank's picture as THE definition. Dude has the biggest wooden face!

The poor children who are already dysfunctional and will probably never have a normal life, are now separated and sent off to different shelters. Mean while, Frank tries to run away again - wow! shocker! - but Fiona finds him just in time and makes him stay to help her getting the kids back home. 

In order to get his kids back, he has to keep himself clean until the court date. And let's talk about an impossible mission on that portion of the agreement!

He is advised that he would be submitted to a random drug testing. Not very surprisingly, he can't keep himself away from drugs, and takes a pill when he starts withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. So smart-pants Frank pees in a cup before he takes the pill. When asked to urinate in a cup for the test, he goes into the bathroom with the supervisor - when you think you have seen everything in that TV show - he starts to pour the "clean pee" out of his mouth into the cup pretending he is peeing.

A thousand times, ew! Our beloved Ke$ha would probably do that scene like a champ, don't you think?!

There were so many other things that as I watched, I had my jaw drop to the floor thinking "That shit cray." I could probably write a book here if I keep on naming everything that happened. I strongly recommend you Insticators to watch, if you haven't yet!

And that's what makes Shameless...


Who watched that episode? What did you think about it, and what do you think comes next episodes?

Have You Met The Amazing Racist?

Lately, we've been bringing up the question of "In comedy, is there such a thing as too soon, too much or too offensive?" (See The Jeselnik Offensive and Was The Onion Out of Line?)

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Ari Shaffir, The Amazing Racist.


Well, he's not so much of an amazing racist as he is comedian, but we digress. Ari is known for pushing the boundaries on racial stereotypes and racist behavior (in one clip, he walks into a store owned by a black man. This would be fine if Ari hadn't been dressed like a member of the KKK and holding a large wooden cross.)

Some people claim the reactions Ari receives in these clips are real, others claim these are hired actors. Watch this clip for yourself and decide if Ari is bringing in more chuckles than hate.