Hot Clip of the Day: Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

Make-up and hair tutorials are pretty popular on YouTube, and I'll admit I've used a bunch before...they really are useful!

Sometimes, however, things go wrong. A fellow Insticator showed me this clip, and I sat there the whole time thinking this girl was going to burn her forehead or something (I've done that before. Owwwww)

Well, she doesn't do that, which makes her our Hot Clip of the Day!

AWdorable! Bruno Mars at Four Years Old!

Remember when Pauly Shore was actually popular? Turns out he interviewed the musical phenom who would be known as Bruno Mars, back when he was just 4 years old!

Back then he was just Bruno, The World's Youngest Elvis Impersonatorâ„¢. We think his impersonation was pretty spot on, and bet he could still do a sweet Elvis impersonation now.

Come here, little Bruno, we just want to hug you!

Speaking of Lohan...

I know we were just talking about her, but home girl doesn't fail to feed us more non-sense acts!

Lindsay Lohan was at the amfAR event about two weeks ago, to which she wore a loaned gown from Theia Corture.

Nothing unusual, right? WRONG!

Lilo decided to cut half of the gown off, and returned it to the designer in pieces. Are you out of your skull Lilo???

Just a few months ago you started to complain you can barely afford your rent, and you just destroyed a $1700 dress? Smart move girl, well played.

Here is a pic of the dress while it was still in it's original form:


Here is a pic of what remained of the gown after Lohan decided to play designer:


I mean, girl it's time to just stop...can you do anything like a normal person?

I think it's pretty easy to go to a party and leave the party with your clothes in one's not like you were in a battle field...

What would you do if you were the designer and received the dress in these conditions?