Social Media Week NYC 2013

February 2013 marks the fifth year Social Media Week returns to New York, and Insticator has front row seats to explore the social, cultural and economic impact of social media.

We're already here for our Day 1, coming to you live from the 200 92Y Tribeca building. Look for the really good looking people to say "hello!" to!

Just kidding, everyone here is good looking. You're looking for the good looking ones named Zack, Chanelle and Gabby, representing Team Insticator.


Social Media Week NYC is brought to us by such notable companies as social@Ogilvy, tumblr., BuzzFeed, Bloomberg, Fast Company and HuffPost Live, just to name a few. 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that these companies are major movers in the social media industry, and we're excited to learn from their leaders and share our insights, as well as others,  this week.

Can't make it to NYC for the event? No worries, we'll be dropping interesting tidbits that we learn along the way, so stay tuned!

Hot Clip of the Day: Behind the Scenes on The Walking Dead

Can't get enough of AMC's The Walking Dead? Good, neither can we. 

This season has been a great one so far, and we're looking forward how producers and writers are going to play out Rick's eventual psychotic breakdown. We think the survivors better find a way to impeach this Ricktatorship before it gets out of control.

While you're waiting for the new episode on Sunday, check out the SFX makeup and stunt work that went into Maggie and Glenn's encounter with Merle in The Walking Dead 3x06 "Hounded".

That was my line...wasn't it?

The Fox TV show The X-Factor season 2 ended last December. The creator of the show Simon Cowell shares the judges' stand with Britney Spears, L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato.

The cast for season 3 is slowing being put together. Besides Britney Spears, who quit after season 2 ended, everyone else will be back...EXCEPT our lovely Khloe Kardashian.



Her most-talked-about participation at The X-Factor was her debut as a host of the show - when she had one of those "unplanned" wardrobe malfunctions (as you can see above). Simon twitted live from the show "I think the air conditioner is on too high tonight looking at Khloe Kardashian." Khloe then managed to fix the problem with a band-aid during the break. Such a smart girl!

Even though many people thought she was doing just fine hosting the is still necessary to reach the minimum requirement to be a host: read the telepromter.

Even apparently being the smarter out of the 3 KK sisters, she still has a little bit of catch up to do if she wants to host a live show on TV.

Did anyone get confused there?

Did anyone get confused there?

You can only get away with so many "oops" until people actually notice you just can't do it. Khloe is great for being so spontaneous, but for non-scripted TV.  She seems to not be so much of a good fit for a formatted show. 

What did you think about Khloe as The X-Factor's host? Will it change whether you watch the show or not is she isn't part of it?

My Drink of Choice is...

Ke$ha doesn't fail to feed us with more and more of her non-sense habits.

Making out with an unicorn head wearing sun glasses...nothing unusual for her.

Making out with an unicorn head wearing sun glasses...nothing unusual for her.

The latest one was to tell everyone she drinks her own urine (Ew!). She said she heard someone say it is healthy, so she did it. Ok, then you think logically...if it really was good for you, it wouldn't be called BODY WASTE!

Her little brother captured the images of her tasting the unusual drink as part of some sort of documentary about her life called "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life". The beauty of her life consists of activities such as: making out with dudes, swimming with sharks, jumping out of airplanes and buildings, and even drinking blood out of a human heart.

I don't think I want to know what the ugly part of her life looks like.

The girl who claims she had sex with a ghost in the past, seems to not be able to get over the morbid revelations and explained the "drinking human blood" as a one-time-thing that happened because she was really inspired to do it, but that it had no real meaning. always making a lot of sense, Ke$ha.

Some would take a regular water-break between songs...

Some would take a regular water-break between songs...

Another very usual thing to do, is to ask your fans for their teeth, right? And guess if Ke$ha did it?

If you bet that she did, you are right! You will be rewarded with one baby tooth the Insticator team will send to you!

How gross would that be?

I was totally just joking, Ke$ha is out of her mind. But she asked her fans who had their teeth, to send them over to her. She ended up receiving 1,000 of them with which she got a top, necklaces, and earrings and a headdress made.

Very tasteful headdress Ke$ha.

Very tasteful headdress Ke$ha.

So Insticators, what do you think about Ke$ha's unusual habits? Do you think she really is like that in real life, or she just puts a mask on to be more interesting? We want to know your opinion!