Celebrity Kids Make More Bank Than Us

You know when you look at your bank account, and it makes you want to cry out of desperation? We all know it's a difficult period with the economy the way it is, jobs aren't that easy to get these days. 

But when you scan through the news and read anything that includes "...Jolie's Daughter earns $3000 a week...," than THAT is a perfectly plausible reason for us, simple mortals, to think about suicide (just kidding, just kidding - SERIOUSLY kidding! We are all happy and wanna live forever).

Vivienne Jolie is only FOUR years old, and is getting paid $3000 a week for working with her mamma on the fairy tale Maleficent. The Disney movie is scheduled to hit the big screens in March of 2014.

$60/hour at 4 - needing a new piggy bank yet?

$60/hour at 4 - needing a new piggy bank yet?

Okay, after the initial shock, you collect your chin from the ground, and start thinking "Dang! I work my little tail off...and can barely afford my rent!" Yes, my dears, story of many lives out there.

Another Hollywood-star-daughter who seems to live sitting on a pile of money is Suri Cruise. Just recently her wardrobe was estimated to be worth over three million dollars (?!) Yes, that is a three followed by six zeroes, just to get dressed to play in the monkey bars. However, the amount includes her custom-made shoes by Roger Vivier and Christian Louboutin - phew! That makes it so much more reasonable.


She is just a six year old girl, who probably has no idea why shoes with red soles are that much more fun.

What do you think about the Hollywood babies? Do they get sucked into the consumption world way too early...or do you say screw it and spend it if you have it? What do you think?

Hot Clip of the Day: Throwback Thursday Edition

Watching Beyonce's halftime show at the Super Bowl really made me miss Destiny's Child. Since then, it's been a constant stream of "Lose My Breath", "Survivor" and "Bootylicious" through my headphones.

So for today's Hot Clip of the Day, I figured I'd jump on board with Instagram's #ThrowBackThursday and present a little throwback, Destiny's Child style.

Do not be afraid to get all fierce when you play this one. Fierceness is encouraged here.

I spot Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle...just who are those other chicks?

Gifts You Shouldn't Be Giving for Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which means you'll be spending it with your beloved, going on an awkward first date or hating on all the happy people in love (Bitter, party of one? Your table is ready!)

If you find yourself in the gift giving mood, proceed with caution. Sometimes it's better just to take your beloved out to dinner than to give them a Harley Davidson calendar because they once mentioned they found motorcycles to be cool.

Here's what you should avoid:


Now, we're not saying you shouldn't be giving chocolates, we're just saying you shouldn't be giving the generic ones you can find last minute at K-Mart or something. 80% of the candy in these boxes taste like crap. Pro Tip: find out their favorite candy and get them that instead. No one is saying you need to splurge on truffles.

However, if you are looking for something to give me tomorrow, truffles are fine. Also, my favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. *cough*


Stop it with the sex coupons, what are you, in middle school? "Hey, here's a book full of coupons for stuff I'd do anyway when you ask." Great. Awesome.


We are not running a store here. If I want shower sex or if I want you to pick up the milk on the way home, I'm going to ask you. Because I am an adult.


Okay, I had no idea this was such an epidemic, but apparently a fair number of people have received toasters for Valentine's Day, and I don't get it. Even if your significant other breaks their toaster, don't give them a new one for Valentine's Day. Or if for some reason you are absolutely compelled to give it to them, have an actual gift that conveys your love for them, and not your love of toast.


I give my dad lottery scratch cards as PART of the other gifts that just make up his Christmas stocking. Scratch cards do not equal romance, my friend. The only way these are acceptable is if they are winning scratch cards, and if we knew how to figure that out, we'd all be bajillionaires by now.


Unless your significant other specifically says something along the lines of "I really want to get a (insert pet type here)" and doesn't follow up with how they don't have the time, space or money to take care of it, do not get them a pet. Don't even get them a goldfish. You're forcing the responsibility of caring for another living creature's life into someone's hands, hands that might unknowingly or unintentionally kill it.

We've read about some pretty crazy gifts (an alarm clock, a photo of just yourself....) that others have received, now we want to hear from you. What's the worst gift you ever received for Valentine's Day?

Five of the Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos

Lots of people want tattoos, but shy away from getting them. Why? Because they're kinda permanent and zapping away at your skin with a laser for who knows how long because you thought it would be cool to get Mr. Kool Aid tatted on your ankle 10 years ago sucks.

Cool/Kool Aid. Get it? Moving on.

It's one thing to have your grandmother disapproving of your fresh new ink, but it's a totally different ball game when you're a celebrity and millions of people get to see the stupid thing you've decided to immortalize on your body. 

In no particular order, here are five of what we think are the dumbest celebrity tattoos.

Andy Milonakis

Yes, that's a table...

Yes, that's a table...

Andy allegedly got the tattoo to make fun of all the celebrities who get inked with something that has deep, personal meaning. Good on you, Andy, but you could have done this with a temporary tattoo and made the same point.

Zac Efron


Anyone who gets "YOLO" tattooed on them is an idiot. End of story.

Johnny Depp


You should never, ever get a tattoo with the name of your beloved, because if celebrity divorces have taught us anything, it's that not all relationships last. However, we're going to give a high five to Johnny for fixing this less than brilliant move. The tat now reads "Wino Forever."

Gucci Mane

Who told him this was a good idea?

Who told him this was a good idea?

A representative for Gucci told Rolling Stone that he wanted to let people know how he lived, cool as ice cream and make you say “brr”....

I want to meet the tattoo artist who kept a straight face while doing this, because if someone came up to me and said they wanted to tattoo ice cream on their face so people know how cool they are, I would laugh until I passed out.

Stephen Baldwin


This is a sad one, but should be a lesson to those who are desperate to climb out of their D list ranking.  Around 2007, Baldwin made a bet with Miley Cyrus. What was it?  If he got the initials to Hannah Montana, a fictional character, tattooed on himself, he would score a guest spot on the show. He actually went through with it, but NEVER GOT ON THE SHOW.

Do you need some lotion for that burn, Stephen?

Let this be a lesson to us all - think before you ink!