Homeland: What's Next for Brody?

The season two finale of Homeland started off with a look that maybe, just maaaaaaaybe, Brody might be able to start life again with a clean slate, but that idea quickly went to hell in a hand basket (what does that phrase really mean, anyway?)

If you aren't all caught up on Homeland, then we suggest you abandon ship now, because we're about to give away some major spoilers. Honestly, you only have yourself to blame, the finale aired almost two months ago, what's wrong with you?

We know that Brody's car was the one with the bombs in it that went off at the vice presidents memorial service, killing Estes and countless others. To be honest, Estes was kind of a dick towards the end, so we're happy to see him go.

Brody swears he had nothing to do with the bomb, and because nobody saw this coming, Carrie believes him. We're left with Saul as the new Estes, Brody fleeing into the night while his family believes him to be dead and Carrie rejoining Saul (instead of running away with Brody, good move Carrie!) where she will predictably try and clear Brody's name.

Still a better love story than "Twilight"

Still a better love story than "Twilight"

So what's next for Brody? We can't imagine the show would turn in such a direction as to have him lay low while. Talk about Snoozeville.

He seems convinced one of Nazir's men planted the bomb in his car, so is he going to undertake a one man mission to find out who it was? Seems a little unlikely. We're pretty sure his credit score with Nazir's team isn't looking so hot right now, so he'll have to leave the inside work to the CIA.

And of course, we've still yet to find out who the mole is. We're going to be so disappointed if it's Brody. Look, his character has already turn sides so many times that him being the mole wouldn't be a big revelation. No, it's need to be someone like Saul. It would break my heart but break it in a good way, you know?

They better not have the mole be some random CIA intern we've met for 5 seconds. Or Dana.

I hate her character so much...

I hate her character so much...

One possibility is that initially we don't see Brody getting a lot of screen time because he is in fact lying low, and the focus is instead on, well, the homeland. It'll be interesting to see Saul take on his new position, as well as what the dynamics are going to be like in the Brody household, now that they've seen his suicide bomber video and because he is presumed dead. 

If Brody doesn't get a lot of screen time initially in season three, will you still watch Homeland? Or is it Go Brody or Go Home?

Hot Clip of the Day: Mark Wahlberg Drunk on The Graham Norton Show

Remember when actress Amanda Seyfried admitted to David Letterman that she needs a little liquid courage for all live interviews after 12 PM? She wasn't ashamed to admit to Dave that she was already three drinks in, and you know what? We don't judge her. Sometimes we all need a little liquid courage.

Except for alcoholics.

Amanda did just fine in her interview with Dave, and being the cool guy that he is, joined her for some whiskey during the interview.

On the other hand, there are those who take it too far, and yes we're looking at you Mark Wahlberg.

For whatever reason (read as: no good ones), Mark Wahlberg decided it would be a good idea to show up to The Graham Norton Show drunk. You can watch the train wreck in it's entirety here, but we felt compelled to share a short clip:

Our favorite part of this clip is after he flips the chair for the third time, you catch Sarah Silverman off on the side throwing some serious shade as if to say "I'm not getting paid enough to sit next to this idiot, someone switch seats with me."

We feel you Sarah, we feel you.

Stay classy, Mark!

Katie from MTV's Buckwild is a Screamer

Sorry to have mislead you, but this post is safe for work!

We can all rejoice because Buckwild been renewed for a second season! Did you catch the season finale that reveals Tyler is a man-whore and a creep? Well let's catch you up!


It starts off with Katie dishing to her mom about how she's kinda-sorta-definitely-maybe-who knows with Tyler. Confused? So were we. It's pretty clear Katie wants it to be something serious but knows bringing it up will scare Tyler off. So what does she do instead?

Invites him over for dinner to meet her mom. Yeah, that's totally not putting any pressure on him or anything.

Dinner goes well, and while Tyler is not the sharpest tool in the tool kit, he is polite, friendly and wins mom's approval. 

Everything seems to be fine till the next day where Tyler's family rags on him for having a girlfriend. Tyler insists he doesn't have a girlfriend and that he's free to do whatever and, excuse us, whomever he wants.

Cue the drama!


While Katie is out of town for the weekend, (how convenient!) Tyler attends a party where he meets up with Ashley (above.) Now, Ashley was there when Tyler said he doesn't have a girlfriend and for the most part, he doesn't. So what are two classy people to do?

Have sex in a car. Of course! Tyler even tells Ashley that nobody can know about their little indiscretion, which is odd, because if you don't have a girlfriend, what are you worried about, Tyler?

Predictably, Katie comes back and learns what went down at the party. She decides to confront Ashley while she's....bathing suit shopping? Awkward.

"Why yes, I did have sex with Tyler. What do you think of this top?"

"Why yes, I did have sex with Tyler. What do you think of this top?"

Ashley confirms and Katie can't even get mad at her, because she's not the one at fault. Tyler should have really thought about this, because instead of having one woman pissed at him, he's got two.

The best part is when they both confront Tyler, and Tyler is of the firm mentality that as long as he says it didn't happen, it didn't happen.

Really, he's so unwavering in his statement that you have to start wondering if it really happened or not (it did.)

That's when Katie loses it. I mean, really loses it. She just starts shrieking like a banshee. I wasn't even in the room with her and I felt my safety was at risk. Check out the video below of her hysterics (and sorry for the low quality, you gotta work with what you have!):

Do you think Katie totally overreacted since they aren't an exclusive couple, or do you think she was well within her rights to chew his ear off?

U MAD, Chris Brown?

Remember when Chris Brown got into a fight with Frank Ocean, then Frank Ocean decided to be the bigger man about it and not press chargers? The whole incident was over and done with in only a few days, so you'd think everything would be copacetic at this point, right?

Wrong. Because this is Chris Brown we are talking about.

At last night's Grammys, both Brown and Ocean were up for the Best Urban Contemporary Album award. We think Chris should win nothing other than a box of tissues to cry his sorry stories into, so imagine how delighted we were when Ocean scored the win. Everyone stood up and applauded...well, everyone minus the jerk in the white suit.


Really? You have the attitude of a 5 year old, get over yourself Chris Brown. I'm surprised he didn't just get up and leave while punching people along the way.

Speaking of punching...


We love our girl RiRi, but we're not buying this at all. Hey, remember when he all but beat the crap out of you a few years ago? Move it along, RiRi, there are plenty of other non-abusive fish in the sea.

Did you watch the Grammys last night? What was your favorite performance?