From Sweetheart to Russian Spy

While many TV shows are reaching their season finales, new shows take over. If you are feeling like an orphan, without any new show to follow, the new FX series The Americans premiered on January 30th. 

Full of sexy and involving scenes, the story happens during the 80's, in Washington, DC. It is based on the life of a couple of Russian spies who live under cover and manage to do it so well that not even their children suspect anything. Hey, for all I know, maybe my parents are spies too...

If you missed the first 2 episodes, here is the promo video:

The story itself is very appealing. The spies live a married life, but go on missions and have sexual encounters with several people in their search for information. They also build relationships with strangers so the espionage apparatus can be planted. That same mumbo-jumbo in every spy story.

How their relationship works as a couple, only God knows. I know that rolling from bed to bed using the "it is for work, baby" excuse wouldn't fly with me!

However, what really catches everyone's attention is that Keri Russell, aka lovely and innocent Felicity, is the main character as the strong and sexy spy. After a while away from the screens, Keri has been in many men day-dreams with her still young and angelical looks, but now also much more mature.

Felicity, the girl who could never wear make-up or do her hair.

Felicity, the girl who could never wear make-up or do her hair.


I guess getting older in some cases is a blessing, she looks even more breath taking now than when living her NYU times!

On a side note, the years passed, but her habit of not wearing bras keep as alive as it has ever been...have any of you noticed that Keri hardly EVER has a bra on?

What is your opinion about the new series? Will you be watching it?

Valentine's Fever

The most romantic date of the year is getting close - can you hear the bells and whistles? While all the convicted bachelors and bachelorettes start living their nightmare season, many of the love birds choose this time of the year to pop the question...who are the lucky ladies?

Two of Hollywood's biggest rivals of all times got their ring on in the last few months.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged last August. In one of the cutest proposals ever, he chose HIS birthday to ask Jen to be forever his. He said that he couldn't have had a better present when she said "Yes!"

Ok girls, now all together, we can sigh and say "AAAWWWW!"

Holy Rock, Justin!

Holy Rock, Justin!

After years dating...and a few children after, Brad Pitt finally proposed to Angelina Jolie. He proposed with a ring he designed himself, even though the two claimed they wouldn't get married until it was legal for everyone in the U.S. to do so. So while he decided he did in fact like it and put a ring on it, Brangelina still hasn't set any dates for the wedding bash to happen...maybe after another batch of children they will be ready!


Many other famous couples decided to promise their beloved ones long life together lately. As fairy tales don't really exist, some romances starting now will be awesome for a few months...and then puff! end as fast as it started. Right Kim & Kris?

Speaking of that possibility, friendly warning girls: let's say your boyfriend becomes your fiancee. He then proclaims eternal love and marries you. Don't be so confident and think the game is over and you can do whatever the hell you want. Just as there are crazy chicks out there, some coo-coo dudes circle around as well. No matter what, NEVER do anything like what the woman in this video did...

Holy shit - literally!

So Instircators, what's your take on Valentine's Day - will we be seeing more celebs proposals?

An Apology to CBS's Elementary

Dear Elementary,

I owe you an apology. I judged you before I even had the chance to properly know you. I'm deeply sorry, because you are fantastic.



See, I'm a little picky when it comes to the flavor of my Sherlock Holmes. I am a devout BBC Sherlockian, and we are the most dangerous, rabid kind (don't even front like we aren't, we're slowly going insane waiting for Season 3.) Pro tip: Do not mention "Reichenbach Falls" to a BBC Sherlockian, because we've got so many feelingss about it that you'll make us sad.

BBC Sherlockians, basically.

BBC Sherlockians, basically.

Not being a complete snob, I also love me some Sherlock Holmes of the Jeremy Brett variety.  It's on Netflix, so I sat down a few months ago and enjoyed a marathon. Check out this BAMF:

Then I hear about Elementary and how John Watson was going to be JOAN Watson and I had a temper tantrum that would have put a toddler to shame. Seriously, foot stamping, swearing that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was turning over in his grave and refusing to watch even a preview for the show.

Then my mom started watching it. "You should try it, it's good!" She said. THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT TUNA SALAD WHEN I WAS 6, MOM, AND YOU LIED TO ME!

After much juvenile behavior, I finally decided to put my big girl panties on and give the show a shot.

Let's just say that I ate my own words and am now a fan.

Lucy Liu, despite my early hesitations, makes for a fantastic Watson and really owns the role. Also, it's Lucy Liu...

Yup, she's pretty fantastic...

Yup, she's pretty fantastic...

Johnny Lee Miller nails all the typical Sherlock traits besides his genius: his lack of social cues and norms, his quick speech and his less than savory hobbies/collections. 

So I'm really, really, really sorry for judging you before knowing you, Elementary. Let's be best friends now, okay? least till Season 3 of BBC Sherlock comes back, anyway.