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Kiersten Toye
October 21, 2016

Zack Dugow and Bruce Buffer Talk Entrepreneurship

Bruce Buffer.jpgZack Dugow, founder and CEO of Insticator Inc., guest stars on MMA announcer Bruce Buffer’s It’s Time! podcast as part of the premiere segment “Entrepreneurs of the World.”


Buffer, having founded his first company at age 19, has created this segment to bring awareness to current business startups and share his enthusiasm for self-starters pursuing their dreams.

“Entrepreneurs help shape and make the world,” Buffer states.

Dugow’s entrepreneurial journey began when he founded an entertainment and media company at the age of 21. Dugow later sold that company in order to pursue his current business venture, Insticator. Now approaching its 5th year in business, Insticator’s mission is to increase ad revenue and online engagement for website publishers. Dugow and his team accomplish that mission with the product Insticator Widget, a gamified platform that entertains visitors with its interactive content such as trivia and polls, turning incremental impressions into a monthly revenue stream for the publisher. On average, the widget raises revenue by 160% and audience engagement by 44%. Insticator currently has over 15,000 partners including the popular MMA news site SherDog.com.

Insticator’s success has caused its sales to triple between 2015 and 2016. Dugow anticipates quadrupling Insticator’s sales next year, thanks to its ongoing development of “a new technology where we can also serve ads even when there’s an ad blocker.” Accomplishing this technological feat will beneficially impact the ad industry, especially since an estimated 86.6 million people will invest in ad blockers in 2017 as a June 2016 eMarketer report predicts.

The podcast episode is available on BruceBuffer.com, SoundCloud, iTunes and Podbay.fm.

Additional information about Insticator and its widget can be found on Insticator.com.

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