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Maggie Cassidy
February 02, 2017

Let Insticator’s Fire Widget Be Your Key to Success in 2017

In 2017 website publishers and brands are going to want to up the ante when it comes to engagement and ad revenue. With the new year, publishers should look to Insticator’s premium digital advertising solution to revamp their website’s engagement and potential ad revenue. The Insticator Fire Widget’s competitive assets like anti-ad blocking technology and gamified content are the guaranteed tools that will help partners see more money in the new year. 

Gamified Content

Insticator’s Fire Widget provides interactive and entertaining content that keeps your users on the page for longer. Whether you want to ask your visitors trivia questions about classic movies, get their opinions about a cookie recipe or showcase another article or content piece within your site, Insticator provides the content that will keep your users engaged with your content, ultimately making you more money.


Anti-Ad Blocking Technology

Ad blockers like Adblock Plus and Adblock are increasing in popularity, and unfortunately, when a visitor has an ad blocker turned on, publishers lose money. However, Insticator can help recover money that would otherwise be lost when a visitor uses an adblocker on a publisher’s site. What makes Insticator’s anti-ad blocking technology even better is that the technology is only called when an ad blocker is turned on, so it won’t affect the loading speed of the web page. Partners can even track how much revenue Insticator recovers from anti-ad blocking on their Dashboard.

Interactive Dashboard

While some publishers can feel like they are navigating an endless maze when it comes to reviewing their metrics, Insticator’s interactive and simple Dashboard makes it easier for partners to analyze their performance. The Dashboard allows partners to view their total impressions, eCPM and earnings all in one, easy-to-navigate space. 

Customize the Appearance of Your Widget

Partners can choose the size and color of their widget so that it compliments a website’s aesthetic and design. To increase engagement even more, partners have the option to have their logo displayed above the Insticator Widget.

Dynamic Content

Insticator has a database with over 500,000 professionally curated trivia questions all categorized for easy organization. Our editorial team can even create share-worthy trivia and poll collections based a partner’s native content. But if our partners want content that’s just a bit more specific to their native content, then they can create their own trivia collections and poll questions to better engage their audience.

While the world is becoming increasingly digitized, it’s necessary for publishers to be aware of how engagement can make or break their success. In order to survive the new year, ad blocking and fleeting engagement, publishers should look to Insticator. With the interactive content that Insticator’s Fire Widget provides, publishers can increase their engagement in the new year, and ultimately yield more revenue.

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