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Kiersten Toye
February 03, 2017

Insticator’s Zack Dugow Guest Stars on The Jenna Wolfe Show

The Insticator CEO and Founder Zack Dugow met up with TV Journalist and fitness expert Jenna Wolfe to discuss Insticator’s product on The Jenna Wolfe Show’s February 1st segment.


Dugow explains during the live broadcast what the Insticator Widget does for website publishers. “We have a technology that we embed into publishers’ sites [...] that increases engagement and ad revenue through trivia and polling content.”

Since its launch in 2014, Insticator engages over 2 billion online visitors globally and has over 15,000 publishing and advertising partners including Warner Bros., Evolve Media and Sherdog.

When asked about the company’s future steps to success, Dugow alludes to Insticator’s newest product launch: anti-ad blocking.

“We’ve developed the ability to show ads even when there is an ad blocker, which has been a big thing as ad blocking has really developed,” states Dugow.

Insticator is also investing to provide publishers the option to utilize “sponsored polling and sponsored trivia that show inside [the] widget.”

Business aside, both Dugow and Wolfe kept the conversation upbeat with other topics such as fitness and martial arts.

The full interview is available on YouTube on The Jenna Wolfe Show’s channel and Insticator’s channel. New live episodes of The Jenna Wolfe Show are available Monday-Friday at 11AM EST on Facebook Live and Periscope.

For more details on Insticator and its product, visit Insticator.com.



Insticator engages over 2 billion online visitors worldwide and maximizes ad revenue & engagement  for publishers through its media-rich, interactive widget. Partners who embed the widget on their website can utilize Insticator’s curated trivia and poll content, plus top-brand ad units. Insticator partners with a vast network of globally-elite advertisers and web publishers. Its publishers gain, on average, a 160% revenue increase and a 44% visitor engagement increase.



Prior to The Jenna Wolfe Show, Jenna Wolfe spent over 8 years greeting America with daily news and entertaining segments as a correspondent on NBC’s Today. She also engaged audiences by co-anchoring Today’s Sunday broadcast with Lestor Holt. Wolfe currently continues to inspire her fans by sharing effective fitness techniques and dietary tips. Aside from her fitness demonstrations on her self-titled show, she also published her book, Thinner in 30: Small Changes That Add Up to Big Weight Loss in Just 30 Days, in 2015.

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