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Kiersten Toye
June 29, 2017

Insticator's Legacy Brightens Thanks to LUMAscape Feature


Great news: Insticator is a featured Publisher Tool inside the Display LUMAscape!

The Display LUMAscape is one of 17 tech-centered infographics that showcases classic and uprising companies influencing the digital marketplace. The creator of the insightful content is LUMA Partners, a digital media investment firm.

Since 2010, LUMA Partners has been responsible for over $300 billion in transactions within the media and technology industry. Their efforts raised funding for big names like Snap Inc. and Rubicon, as well as executed acquisition deals involving Google,AT&T and Time Inc.

Their impact, however, doesn’t stop at funding companies. LUMA Partners’ belief in educating and strengthening industry newcomers led the firm to host its own advisory board with senior leaders from Twitter, Facebook, Google, The New York Times Company and other prominent businesses.

Seriously, LUMA Partners consecutively proves itself as an expert firm for innovative pioneers of the digital space. This stance of expertise, consequently, enables their insightful infographics to harvest immense attention upon publication.

Don’t believe me? Then check out the 3+ million views that the Display LUMAscape has generated since its June 2017 update.

What’s in it for Insticator?

This honorable achievement is worth more than general bragging rights. Being featured by such a popularized infographic amplifies Insticator’s presence, investment value and credibility within the tech industry.

In other words, it’s celebration time!


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