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Kiersten Toye
January 09, 2017

Insticator's 2016 Year in Review

Another year has come and gone, leaving Insticator with a variety of memories worth noting. Here’s an overview of how we made the most of 2016.


Our Business Growth

Insticator experienced a massive 300% business growth this past year. We also grew our global presence, now having teams across 3 continents. Along with our main New York City team, we have six amazing team members (Khally, Lendele, Jasmin, Venice, Mia & Tim) located in the Philippines and 30 equally stellar team members at our  Indian office located in Udaipur, Rajasthan.


The Fire Widget Is Born

In 2016, we introduced the Fire Widget. This widget’s enhanced responsiveness and customizable design lets us deliver an outstanding visitor experience and an effective ad revenue solution to website publishers everywhere.


Conference Bound

The Insticator team took advantage of 2016’s business conference scene, attending 20 national conferences in total, including Digiday’s WTF Programmatic 2016 conference.

Visitors Engaged

Visitors definitely found our gamified platform engaging. Over 2 billion global website visitors interacted with our widget’s trivia and poll content.

Social Media

Word of our gamified widget travelled fast this year across social media. Our biggest wins included a 52% increase in Twitter mentions as well as a 45% increase in our LinkedIn follower count.

The Codes Have It

There’s nothing better than executing an awesome code. This year, our developer team handled over 350,000 lines of code.


Statistics for the Better

A good business always refers to their data discoveries to better their business strategy. Thanks to our data team, over 1,400 types of statistics helped steer our business in the right direction.

Dining in the Big Apple

Our New York team never fails to take advantage of the diverse food options available in the neighborhood.


chef-yu-food Chef Yu provided delicious Asian cuisine.


lazzara-pizza-food Lazzara's Pizza Cafe continually satisfied pizza cravings. 


raminis-expresso-bar Ramini’s Expresso Bar remained the team’s top spot for afternoon coffee.


Food even had a big impact the NYC team’s 2016 holiday party. 


holiday-dinner-image Thanks to La Bella Vita in NYC’s Little Italy area, the team bonded over 20 different Italian dishes.

2016 has left numerous impressions on Insticator; our already thriving business will undoubtedly take on more momentum in 2017.

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