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Maggie Cassidy
March 17, 2017

How to Maximize Your Mobile Advertising

mobile.pngPeople can’t live without their smartphones. It’s true. In fact, 77% of global users reported that they have their smartphones always within in reach. And with roughly 56% of web traffic coming from mobile consumers, it’s never been more imperative for brands to shift their focus to mobile advertisements. Publishers and brands should keep the following three suggestions in mind when creating advertisements for the mobile world.

Choose the Best Type of Mobile Ads

With several different types of mobile ads to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the most efficient one. While certain ads work better for particular situations, a study done by AdColony stated that video ads are the best type for mobile platforms. A prime example of mobile video ads can be seen with AdColony’s Instant-Play HD Vertical Video ad for UFC. The ad highlights the upcoming fight between Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey and has an 89% video completion rate. The vertical display and automated playback make this ad both mobile friendly and efficient.

Place Mobile Ads Effectively

Deciding where to place ads on mobile content can be tricky. Ads in mobile editorial content are on the screen much longer when compared to social and search content. However, ads in editorial content are seen less than those in social and search. Similar to the types of mobile ads, the decision where to place an ad varies from brand to brand. Yet, recent research has revealed that mobile ads that are placed in high-quality editorial content are most efficient because a consumer is more likely to scroll slower when they are engrossed with the content, which results in a mobile ad on the page for longer.

Create Engaging Mobile Campaigns

In 2012, when mobile ad spending was nowhere near where it is today, Coca-Cola defied all odds and embraced the social potential that mobile ads faced. The campaign called “Hilltop Reimagined” revamped a 1971 Coke ad where people sang about buying the world a Coke while on a hilltop. The new ad utilized a mobile app where people could send other people free Cokes from particular vending machines. With the help of their smartphones, personalized messages and cans of Coke could be sent across the world in minutes. By embracing the social aspect of mobile, Coke managed to create one of the most engaging mobile ad campaigns ever.

Mobile ad spending is slated to increase significantly in 2017. Roughly 47% of advertisers expect to increase mobile ad spending by about 25% in 2017. To maximize this increased spending, brands need to focus on making their ads engaging, optimizing their placement and choosing the most efficient ad type for their campaigns.

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