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Kiersten Toye
November 04, 2016

How Organic Engagements Aid Digital Advertising Companies

organic engagement.jpgDigital advertising industries are dependent on the solid bond between their target consumers and their digitized ads. In order to understand the effectiveness of a business’s online ads and marketing promotions, online organic engagements are a popularized method of calculation among these industries.

Simply put, organic engagements are visitor impressions left on a site's post, page or digital advertisements. Whether in the form of a Facebook Like, a Retweet, or a generic link click, the purpose of engagements is to show content owners how many people actively interacted with their content.

Taking advantage of organic engagements is a necessary strategy for any publisher due to their beneficial outcomes. Organic engagements prompt increases of audience reach, which strengthens a content’s probability of being seen online. Facebook exemplifies this notion with its News Feed’s programmatic algorithm. The algorithm utilizes a single post’s number of Likes, Comments, and Shares to measure its display ranking, or how soon the content appears on a user’s personal newsfeeds. Pages who gain frequent, numerous engagements rank higher in Facebook’s News Feed and tend to be more successful at converting visitors into followers. 

Digital ads are also reliant on generating organic engagements. Clicks registered on a digital ad become definers of the ad’s overall worth to web publishers. According to Business Insider, approximately 70% of the United State’s top publishers choose ads with the help of header bidding technology. Header bidding and other programmatic advertising systems use an ad’s ability to frequently generate high amounts of active visitor clicks as an algorithmic calculation. Ads unable to meet these systems’ standard preferences of interaction have a lower probability of accumulating advertisers' bids.

Insticator’s own advertising solution is fueled by organic engagement. Since our widget's ability to collect website revenue is prompted by visitor engagement, the monetary success of Insticator and its partners would drastically dim without the widget’s ability to render organic clicks.

Therefore, gaining more organic engagements is crucial for every digital advertising business. Whether creating content associated to a target audience's interests or using hashtags and keyword tagging, the organization of organic engagement strategies can optimize a business’s overall value and success.

Want to learn more about online engagement? Try this TFM Insights article on online reach and engagement here.

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