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Maggie Cassidy
February 06, 2017

How Insticator's Anti-Ad Blocking Technology is Making the Digital World a Better Place

anti ad blocking.pngWith more and more Internet users deciding to use ad blockers, publishers and media outlets are losing money on advertising every day. According to Digiday, advertisers will lose $35 billion to ad blockers by 2020. Gone are the days of kindly asking your visitors to turn off their ad blockers. Instead, in order to succeed, publishers and media outlets need to strategize on how to avoid and get around ad blockers. Luckily, Insticator anticipated publishers’ needs and figured out how to evade ad blockers like Adblock and Adblock Plus with our new anti-ad blocking technology.

Insticator already offers a gamified widget featuring our engaging trivia and poll content that enhances ad revenue. Now with our revolutionary anti-ad blocking technology, Insticator not only beats the ad blockers at their own game, but recovers revenue that a publisher may have lost due to ad blocking.

How Ad Blocking works

In order to understand how great Insticator’s anti-ad blocking technology is, publishers should know the ins and outs of ad blocking. When a user has an ad blocker on, the ad blocker can operate in two different ways:

  1. Ad blockers inject CSS into a web page and collapse any ads on the page.
  2. Ad blockers check the domain of a website against a whitelist, and if the website is on the whitelist, then the ads on that domain's page are blocked.

How Insticator Fights Against the Ad Blockers

Insticator’s team of talented engineers figured out how to go around both methods that ad blockers use. By using a sophisticated technology, Insticator can render ads even if an ad blocker is turned on by not allowing the ad blocker to identify whether there is an ad or an image on the page.


The Anti-Ad Blocker in Action

There's no need to worry about our anti-ad blocking technology interfering with a website's performance; it has been designed to not affect the loading speed of the web page. Insticator’s anti-ad blocking technology is only called if a visitor on your site is using an ad blocker.

Ad blockers may seem like a publisher’s worst nightmare. However, Insticator can calm publishers’ worries about ad blockers with our sophisticated anti-ad blocking technology that can save them time and energy, and more importantly: revenue. Let Insticator defeat your ad blockers today.

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