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Maggie Cassidy
August 10, 2017

How Insticator and Cloudflare’s Partnership Will Help Millions of Content Creators

cloudflare-WordPress-1024x304.pngLet’s face it: everyone considers themselves a content creator now with blogging platforms becoming increasingly accessible and user-friendly. People think they can call themselves a blogger after writing a couple hundred words of whatever they think is topical. Worse, they think they can monetize their blog as easy as one, two, three. Unfortunately, the blogosphere is saturated beyond belief and only those with the right tools can effectively monetize their website.

But why is it getting harder and harder to monetize a blog or website? Because there are more hoops for content creators to jump through now than ever before. From waning visitor attention spans, to low latency, all the way to decreasing engagement rates, monetizing a website, especially a blog can seem near impossible.

Luckily, Insticator and Cloudflare have launched a unique partnership to help site owners monetize their hard work.

A company rooted in security and reliability, Cloudflare helps site owners optimize their websites through Cloudflare’s repertoire of performance enhancing features like their: Content Delivery Network (CDN), Default Nameserver (DNS), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and more. Cloudflare’s next generation CDN is superior among other CDNs because it speeds the delivery of content to sites that have high traffic and global reach. Additionally, it optimizes content for device, browser and bandwidth needs.

Cloudflare prides themselves as a service that ensures a site owner’s content loads quickly and correctly for everyone, regardless of where they are or what kind of device they’re using.

Cloudflare understands that not every site owner knows the ins and outs of optimizing websites, which is why they’ve chosen to feature the Insticator Widget in their Cloudflare Apps collection. Designed for site owners to maximize and monetize their sites’ fullest potential, the Cloudflare Insticator Widget App will be accessible by 6 million websites and counting.

Not only will Cloudflare users be able to enhance their websites with Cloudflare’s performance products, they will also be able to optimize their site’s engagement and ad revenue with the Insticator Widget, an interactive content tool that pulls new ad units every time a visitor interacts with the Widget.

By including the Insticator Widget in their collection of exclusive apps, Insticator will be able to help site owners who utilize Cloudflare create capital off of their sites and become the content creators they want to be.

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