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Kiersten Toye
June 05, 2017

How Evergreen Content Sprouts Brand Success

evergreen content.jpgYou know what they say: the news of today is tomorrow’s history.
The impending reality of news furthers brands’ struggles to avoid the blight of lost relevance. Fortunately, the adoption of evergreen content can counter this dilemma.

Defining Evergreen Content
You know how evergreen trees never change in appearance, no matter what happens weatherwise? The tree’s year-round durability is the inspiration behind evergreen content, or content that remains consistent to people’s needs or interests even as time passes.


Recognizably successful types of evergreen content include:

Though its concept appears basic in nature, having your content strategy go “evergreen” can greatly profit your brand in the following ways.

It Boosts SEO

When it comes to content, 72% of marketers credit creating relevant content as the most effective SEO tactic. This statistic is undoubtedly fueled by the selective nature of crawlers, the authoritative forces behind search engines like Google. These picky cyber bots never hesitate to store irrelevant content far from the starting results of a user’s search. Hence, evergreen content that emphasizes commonly searched topics and popular keywords receives more SEO credibility and a higher ranking in search indexes.

It Encourages Brand Consistency

Brands are expected to brainstorm content strategies that assist their efforts of spreading their message to targeted audiences. Unfortunately, brands can confuse the need of sharing a consistent message with overexposing themselves across varying platforms. Evergreen content anchors a brand’s consumer message by encouraging content marketers to dissect what topics are best to continually discuss and relate back to the brand. This consistency of content further benefits brands by easing their target audience’s ability to understand and distinguish the brand.

It Saves You from the Trend Trap

Every year, a single, newfound discovery or method overtakes an industry. What starts out as a case study or new tool suddenly transforms into the hot topic conversation of industry events and news. There is benefit behind connecting your own brand to the conversation such as boosting your brand’s exposure and credibility in the industry. However, it would be unwise to only focus on that topic. After all, trends tend to expire as quickly as they begin. Reserving content creation efforts for more evergreen topics leads brands away from the risk of being irrelevant if the trend loses popularity.

The Takeaway
It’s simple to create content for the now, but adapting an evergreen strategy leads brands to a profitable future.

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