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Maggie Cassidy
August 17, 2017

How Anyone Can Create Functional Aesthetics for a Website Redesign

real blog screenshot.pngIf you’ve been to Insticator.com recently, you’ll notice that our website got a much needed makeover.

Over the past few weeks, our product, development and marketing teams worked tirelessly to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and effective website.

Why the redesign you ask? Two words: first impressions. First impressions are everything. Whether they be physical, virtual or anything in-between, first impressions can make or break you.

First impressions’ value increase tenfold for businesses like Insticator, where a bad first impression can cause a lead from turning into a client. And our previous website design just wasn’t giving us the first impressions we had hoped to convey to our potential clients, which is why we decided to give our website a functional and good looking makeover if we do say so ourselves.

But redesigning a website isn’t as easy as putting lipstick on a pig. It’s a long, thoughtful and often times strenuous project that requires the collaboration of multiple teams within your company.

The main objectives our teams aimed to accomplish were to have the website make visitors instantly understand what Insticator does for publishers, product functionalities, value propositions, company information and ultimately, convert visitors into clients.

But how does our design do all of that effectively? Insticator’s Jr. Graphic Designer and Content Strategist Julie Cerbone weighs in. 

“We wanted visitors to experience a clean and clear design that allowed them to understand our products, their main features and how the Insticator Widget functioned. Throughout the site and its corresponding pages, we featured wave, graph-like design pieces that aim to subtly signify that our products can help potential clients grow and that our products come with data features that help them track and measure their performances.”

“Another main point we wanted to address was showing the product in action with plenty of validation - which is why we featured several images of the Insticator Widget and even a demo that lets visitors see how a widget with interactive content would look on their websites,” Cerbone added.

Redesigning a company website is no easy feat, but if your company’s first impression isn’t yielding the results you had hoped it would, it might be time to take stock and see how you can give your own potential clients a better first impression with a website revamp.

Have any feedback about our new website redesign? Leave us a comment below or send us an email at contact@insticator.com.

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