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Kiersten Toye
October 28, 2016

Halloween's Haunting Benefits for Digital Advertising

halloween.jpgHalloween has become a standout holiday within the United States economy. Recently, the National Retail Federation has estimated that U.S. consumers will forfeit $8.4 billion in planned Halloween spending for 2016, up 22% over last year. Consumers’ notable willingness to purchase Halloween goods are enough to shape business’s digital advertising choices.

Large businesses have incorporated the Halloween aesthetic into their products as well. Chipotle Mexican Grill runs online ads for its annual Boorito event. Since 2000, Chipotle has encouraged customers to visit stores in costume in exchange for $3 burritos; a portion of the event’s sales are also donated to its sustainable food charity the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. Halloween enthusiasm and digital ad exposure through Chipotle’s website and social media channels have helped the company raise $4 million dollars for its foundation through this event alone.


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Adserving websites have also become heavily invested in Halloween. Considering a major element to an ad's worth is its relevancy to popular demand, more online ads demonstrate Halloween's theme as October approaches. The online corporation Amazon, for example, purposely features text link ads in relation to Halloween costumes throughout October. Since the NRF estimates 67% of 2016 Halloween shoppers will spend money on costumes, Amazon’s choice to use Halloween-relevant links for their digital advertising proves their understanding of the holiday’s popular fan base and how its existence can help them meet their monthly website revenue goals.

Considering how combining the holiday and digital advertising has contributed to Chipotle and Amazon’s success, it would be wise for other digital advertisers to follow suit. While pursuing creative strategies for digital advertising, keeping Halloween in mind can become a digital ad company’s key advantage.

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