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Paul Narvaez
May 15, 2018

Google Chrome Set to Flag Sites Not Secure Starting in July 2018





Currently, about 31 percent of all domains being used are secured and that utilize the HTTPS tag in their URL. Unfortunately, that leaves almost 60 percent that have not yet put this security measure into effect.

For quite a while, Google has been warning website owners that Google Chrome is going to begin flagging sites considered “not secure” in a new version of their popular browser, Chrome. Now, the official date of this change has been announced.

Google has stated on the Chromium Blog and the Google Security Blog that starting in July of 2018, sites that are not HTTPS will show as “Not Secure” in the URL field.

The change that’s on its way is different from the update seen in 2016, which showed that the HTTP warning was going to be highlighted in red.

Does the Security Change Affect Page Rank?

A question that many website owners have now is whether or not this change in security is going to affect the page rank of their website. For example, if they fail to add this additional security, will their page’s rank in the SERPs fall?

According to Google, there is still no change in the HTTPS ranking boost, but the sites that have invested in additional security and have the HTTPS tag will receive a slight increase in overall search rankings. Essentially, this boost is only going to be enough to serve as a tiebreaker when two sites would otherwise rank equally.

Steps Google is Taking

Google started sending out security warnings through the Google Search Console a few months ago for any sites that were not HTTPS. Websites that have not yet made the change may also see another round of warnings coming their way, as the deadline for this change gets closer.

The good news is, making the transition to HTTPS doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, Google has made the process pretty easy by providing an array of help documents for site owners. Anyone who owns a website and who hasn’t made this change needs to do so now before the new update is launched.


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