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March 16, 2016

Engagement Made Easy

What is engagement exactly? If you took a moment to search the word "engagement" in a dictionary, you'd discover its definition is “to get and keep (someone’s attention, interest, etc.).”

How is this term applicable to digital advertising? Advertisers want their ads shown in the best possible spot on web and mobile page. Normally, this includes places such as the homepage, above the fold, or a spot where the site’s visitors are most…well, engaged! Advertisers love to feature their ads near engaging content because visitors of that content generally stay longer and help generate more impressions. In turn, a publisher can gain more website revenue – and everybody loves more money in their pocket!

Where does Insticator come in? Your widget is a premium advertising solution that delivers rich, interactive content experiences. The widget allows users to interact with a friendly, non-intrusive gamified platform directly on your site while also generating premium ad revenue. The Insticator widget was designed to be flexible, can fit anywhere, and is mobile responsive. Best of all, we give you total control to do what is best for your website. Since youu know your visitors best, we do the work necessary to amplify visitor engagement and keep them coming back more often.

Take a peek at these widget benefits: publishing partners gain an average 160% ad revenue increase and a 44% average user engagement increase, all while accessing 200,000+ professionally curated trivia questions, creating polls that help educate them on their audience's interests and displaying leaderboards that let visitors compete and connect with each other socially.


In digital advertising, visitor engagement has value. Giving your visitors more reasons to stay on your site will help grow your business, and offering fun experiences will keep them coming back. Advertisers will love working with you. It’s a win for everyone!

Now add this definition to the mix: Insticator means “to keep someone’s attention, and interest while also earning revenue.” Learn more about our product and how we leverage engagement and ad revenue HERE.

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