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Maggie Cassidy
August 03, 2017

Cloudy with a Chance of Marketing Simplification

cloud-computing-2153286_1280.png The cloud: that all encompassing storage unit that we all act like we understand, but really don’t. Well, that so-called cloud is now floating into the marketing world.

But what is cloud marketing?

Integration and specialization. That’s what cloud marketing is in its simplest form. Yes, it sounds just like every other new, shiny marketing term, but what cloud marketing does is that it allows marketers to create truly individualized, digital experiences for consumers. It uses the instruments of the web to connect and communicate with consumers through multiple channels. 

Just like ‘the cloud’ we’re supposed to be familiar with, marketing clouds are the cores that connect the dots of audience data from the fragmented channels of the Internet. In turn, marketing clouds take these analyses and coordinate pertinent consumer experiences while analyzing performance across marketing channels.

As consumers become more savvy and action-oriented, the more responsible marketers become for the entire consumer journey. Marketing clouds allow marketers to utilize information collected and create applicable experiences for consumers.

Think of marketing clouds as a simplification and streamlining tool for marketers.

But besides simplification what are the benefits of cloud marketing technology?

Cracking consumer behaviour

Consumers traverse mobile, desktop and physical platforms without really any rhyme or reason. It’s an unstructured process and marketing clouds analyze data collected from consumers’ multifaceted journey across all platforms and tie it back to an actionable consumer profile, allowing marketers to perform the most informed and effective actions.

Customized content

Humans love to talk, read and basically do anything relating to themselves. With that in mind, marketing clouds permit marketers to deliver targeted content to their consumers, which can result in conversion.

Time optimization

Marketers can miss opportunities when it comes to delivering content to their consumers at the right time. With marketing clouds, marketers can ensure they are reaching their targeted demographic at the best and the right time, while adapting content to continuously reach that audience in the future.

While it can seem that a marketer’s arsenal of tools is at max capacity - especially within the digital age - marketing clouds are helping streamline processes while keeping it all organized for marketers, in the hope of marketers having more time and resources to tackle other issues they face in appealing to consumers.

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