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Maggie Cassidy
March 31, 2017

Chatbots: A Digital Marketer's Must Have Tool

chatbots.jpgRemember SmarterChild, the AI chatbot you used to interact with during your teen years on AOL’s Instant Messenger? While SmarterChild was primarily used to entertain, chatbots are now becoming increasingly part of brand’s marketing strategies. Using AI to process language, chatbots mimic a conversational interface and communicate and perform tasks like answering questions or ordering something for a user.

While popular culture has at times made AI chatbots appear more malicious, chatbots and other AI technology are actually incredibly useful to marketers. And if marketers want to stay up-to-date with technology, they should consider implementing chatbots and other AI technology into their practices.

How Chatbots Can Help Digital Marketers

Personalized Campaigns

With chatbots, brands can create personalized and targeted ads for customers. How? With a few textual exchanges between the customer and the chatbot, data behind that customer can be used to generate tailored advertisements, which can help lead to sales conversions. However, in order for this to work, a brand’s chatbot has to appear human enough. If the chatbot feels artificial, then a customer may not want to interact with the chatbot. By having a customized experience, a customer will be more likely to interact with that brand.

Branded Chatbots with Character

Consumers are more likely to interact with chatbots that have a distinct personality. It makes the chatbot appear more human and will most likely encourage the customer to engage more. A prime example of a chatbot with a personality was CoverGirl’s model Kalani Hilliker that acted as the bot’s persona, which led to 14 times more conversations than with a typical post from a social influencer.

Efficient Customer Service Practices

While customer service can be seen as low priority in the grand scheme of things, poor customer service can make or break a brand, and unfortunately, most customer service is lackluster. With a younger generation dominating the consumer field, chatbots are streamlining customer service issues that don’t need to be solved spending hours on the phone. When chatbots can handle customer service issues, the customer satisfaction of your brand is likely to increase.

AI and chatbots aren’t going anywhere. Their technology is expected to become even more sophisticated. In fact, Pypestream estimates that 28.2 trillion chatbot messages will be sent in 2017. With their increasing popularity, brand marketers need to adopt chatbots and use them to their full capacity.

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