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Kiersten Toye
May 10, 2017

Black Tech Women Writer Recognizes Insticator’s Kiersten Toye

Black Tech Women writer Franci Girard featured Insticator’s Jr. Content Marketer Kiersten Toye in her piece Pivotal Learnings and Growing Startups from New York TechDay 2017.

Black Tech Women Article Main look
Since launching in 2017 by its founder
Anndrea Moore, the objective of Black Tech Women has been to strengthen the community of black women in the tech industry. Writers of the publication, including hair care entrepreneur Franci Girard, deliver thought-provoking content such as tech-relevant advice, news and event coverage.

Girard’s article is dedicated to her personal experience at NY TechDay 2017. The New York-based event included over 35,000 attendees and showcased 575 tech-savvy startups. In her pursuit of investigating the varied array of startups, she encountered Toye at Insticator’s booth.

Kiersten at TechDay
Their conversation led to Toye’s inclusion in the published feature, where she explains Insticator’s business model, her career background and her everyday responsibilities as a Jr. Content Marketer. Toye also offers the following advice to individuals interested in the creative side of the tech industry:

“Creativity does have a place in the tech industry. Technology is mostly discussed in relation to jobs that require highly concentrated math, data and coding skills; however, tech companies also need and appreciate skills such as graphic design, journalism, creative writing and UI/UX-related illustration. Take the time to research and learn about different roles within the sector. Then you can create a clear picture of what techie roles are the best fit for your own talents and interests.”

Other companies highlighted in the piece include Leap the Pond, Dog Parker and Fairfare.

About Black Tech Women

Black Tech Women is an online publication dedicated to catering to the community of black women in the tech ecosystem by acting as a resource for the black female perspective on tech and tech-related events and news.

About Insticator

Insticator increases engagement and ad revenue for publishers through interactive content while enhancing viewability and purchase intent for brands.

Over 350 million online consumers are reached monthly across Insticator’s vast network of elite publishing partners that include Warner Bros., Ancestry.com, Tribune Media, Evolve Media, Crave Media, and more.

Insticator empowers thousands of content creators monthly with its revenue and engagement increasing products, while providing monetizing content opportunities for publishers and brands.

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