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Kiersten Toye
October 26, 2016

Fire Widget’s Ad Solution Raises Ad Revenue & Visitor Engagement

Insticator, a NYC-based adtech company specializing in boosting audience engagement and ad revenue, has officially launched the Fire Widget. The Fire Widget has been rolled out and currently has over 200+ website publishers requesting for beta access.

The Advantages of the Fire Widget

Fire Widget’s ad solution offers publishers impression revenue. Publishers who partner with Insticator receive personalized widget codes that display their Fire Widget onto their web pages. To attract visitor engagement, the widget includes four interactive pieces of gamified content: Trivia, Polls, Articles, and Social Sharing.

As visitors click on the widget to answer trivia questions or participate in a poll, new ad unit are rendered, driving incremental advertising revenue for the publisher. Typically when a visitor is interacting with the widget, an average 8-10 clicks or engagement  triggers an additional 16-20 ad impressions.

Fire Widget’s design is lightweight and robust. The new framework is designed to load the widget and ads up to load three times faster on all web and mobile. The widget’s design is responsive to match the design and user experience of your website.  

Register for the Fire Widget

Insticator is currently accepting online Fire Widget registrations for a limited time. The chance to register is an exclusive offer, and only the most qualified sites will be able to gain official access to the widget. Publishers who register can also play a small trivia game after their form is submitted.

Any publishers who believe their site qualifies for this experience can fill out their details here.

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