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Maggie Cassidy
March 02, 2017

8 Simple Ways to Increase Visitor Engagement

visitor engagement.jpgPublishers can increase their engagement just by partnering with Insticator and implementing the interactive widget onto their site. Insticator has outlined a few proven techniques that publishers can follow to see an increase in their engagement.

1. Increase Content Viewability

To make sure visitors actually interact with the widget, it should be placed where they can see it easily and efficiently. The best places for the widget are:

  • Above the fold
  • On the right rail
  • In sections where users interact more, like the comment section and forums.

Also, if there is content on a publisher’s site that a visitor just cannot miss, then the content should be easy to find and situated above the fold.

2. Update Your Content

Publishers can maintain interaction by adding new trivia and polling content to reflect updated content on their websites. One of Insticator’s top publishing partners, TMZ Sports, saw a 133% increase in revenue simply by loading fresh content into the widget on a regular basis.

3. Use Branded Content

Consider featuring branded content on the widget, which ultimately increases engagement for both advertisers and publishers. With branded content, visitors can engage with the widget even more because of their relationship with the brand. This leads to higher engagement and increased revenue for publishers.


4. Connect Relevant Content to Each Section

Publishers should showcase content on the widget that is relevant to their website’s genre. Insticator’s database of over 500,000 curated trivia questions can help publishers serve specific content that will entertain visitors. If publishers have multiple widgets on different and distinct sections of their website, they should load different trivia questions and categories to reflect the sections’ differences. The more specific the content is, the more engaged visitors will be.  

5. Utilize the Article Feature

Don’t forget to use the Article feature on the widget that allows publishers to highlight other content on their site. Publishers can connect different articles and content to their web pages and provide an even more entertaining experience for visitors.

6. Add GIFs and Images to Your Widget

Who doesn’t love a good GIF? They’re funny, usually relevant and engaging for visitors. Publishers should consider adding topical GIFs to their widget to keep their visitors entertained and plugged into their site. If GIFs don’t work for a site’s tone or genre, publishers can feature standard images on their widget. Publishers can even add custom images for individual trivia and poll questions.

7. Customize Your Widget’s Look

The Insticator Widget’s appearance can be adjusted to suit any website’s design needs. Publishers can choose from multiple color schemes for their widget so that it matches the aesthetics of their website. Connect to visitors even more by showcasing a publisher’s or branded partner’s logo in the header of the widget.  

8. Choose Relatable Language

The wording and language of content are crucial for engagement. The wording of content should be relevant and relatable to a publisher’s target user. Insticator offers content in over 40 different languages to serve any visitor. Our publishing partner, Men’s Health España, has content in two Spanish dialects: the unofficial dialect of Spain and the dialect that’s typically used in Latin American countries. By featuring content in language specific to target visitors, they can feel more connected to sites.

Mens Health

Insticator prides itself on ensuring our publishing partners see a significant increase in their engagement. While the Insticator Widget can help publishers experience a 130-160% increase in engagement, publishers can tweak their widget and their websites to help them achieve even higher engagement.

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