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Kiersten Toye
July 24, 2017

4 Ways Machine Learning Helps Companies Acknowledge Its Audience

blog-image6-machine-learning-Recovered-01-1024x304.jpgHere’s an icebreaker: what’s your routine internet behavior? Are your Fourth of July celebrations more likely to start with yourself scouting out holiday sales than a picnic spot? Is checking social media updates as important as morning coffee? Do feel uneasy if you haven’t checked your email?

Thanks to tech becoming a societal normalcy, everybody has adapted some type of e-habit that we consciously, and subconsciously, follow. Machine learning, or AI-powered algorithms used by computers without explicit software assistance, help identify user patterns for companies in search of new audience data. As machine learning improves year-over-year, so does its four major benefits.

Predictions Become More Predictable


The items we search for online are key indicators for business teams. The act of understanding our interests as consumers allows businesses to conduct plans in order to increase their products’ exposure and sales; after all, it’s no coincidence that businesses offer discounts between late November and December. Along with tracking user patterns, machine learning can assist databases in predicting what items a specific consumer demographic is likely to search next.

Unbiased Results Reign Supreme


Though it’s important to collect data, there are times when selection biases prevent companies from thoroughly testing a hypothesis among a consumer group. Your ability to reach various sample consumers within your entire audience can be limited by factors such as employee resources and time availability. Though you can still manage to pull an effective result, a study’s accuracy is stronger when more samples are pulled.

Since machine learning systems won’t sacrifice correctness for convenience, companies can program their machine learning tech to monitor larger samples more efficiently, which leads to unbiased results becoming more obtainable.

Personalized Experiences Are Improved


Online users are more likely to become loyal customers when personal preferences are considered. The company Optimizely proves it; their decision to better personalize its homepage led to a 113% jump in visits to its solutions page and 117% increase in clicks on secondary CTAs.

Companies can employ machine learning to record users’ reaction pattern to different areas of their site. After a set period of monitoring, the collected data can spark new ideas for perfecting their site’s UX designs and customization capabilities.

Internet Security Gets Stronger


Finding security on the Internet can be a daunting adventure. Our reliance on tech managing our personal information manifests the potential threat of losing that information to online scammers. Luckily, the observant nature of machine learning increases user security. After all, these systematic algorithms’ familiarity with user patterns assists companies like Chase Bank detect possible signs of user fraud and theft in a quicker time span.

Though we may not be unable to break our e-habits, machine learning teaches companies to at least consider our online choices in their strategizing process.

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