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Maggie Cassidy
May 04, 2017

3 Ways to Wake Your Audience Up from Ad Fatigue

You’re a brand marketer and your team comes up with an amazing display ad campaign. The copy, the design, everything is great. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. You execute the campaign with mastery and it shows. Engagements and click-through-rates are through the roof!

Then suddenly, it all stops. Those impressive engagement stats start to drop, while the frequency of your ad being shown increases. Great. All of that hard work and months of planning goes down the drain. What you’ve just experienced is an age-old problem for brands. It’s called ad fatigue, an occurrence when everyone in your target audience has seen your ad one too many times.

It makes sense, right? If consumers are looking at the same ad day after day, they’re gonna get bored with the ad and potentially your brand. And as you flood your target audience with the same ad creative, it will become more expensive for brands to accomplish their goal.

But how do brand marketers wake their audience up from ad fatigue?

Three words: Update, update, update.

Brand marketers can’t just sit back and relax after they release a successful ad campaign. They have to constantly adjust and refine their techniques in order to fight off ad fatigue. Here are four updating techniques brands can use.

Rotate Ad Creatives
Have several variations of your campaign creatives. Keep a repository of ads within the same creative concept. This will allow you to swap out creatives when your CTR is beginning to decrease. Facebook suggests refreshing your creative every 1-2 weeks for optimal performance.  

Tweak a Few Design Elements

Try adjusting design elements like the background color of your ad, or even the font and color of the text. Consumers have an attention span that barely lasts longer than eight seconds, so they need frequent updates. Even though changing the color of a few things may seem like it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things, having even a minimally updated creative will cater to their fleeting attention spans.  

Rearrange Graphics
Consider literally flipping around the images on the ad creative. It may seem silly, but it works according to AdEspresso. After reversing the images on one of their ad creatives, their cost-per-click actually lowered more than 10%. Best of all? This trick only takes a few seconds to achieve.


Via Ad Espresso Via Ad Espresso



Via Ad Espresso Via Ad Espresso

Modify Your Audience

Schedule ads to show during specific times in order to garner more audience traction. It’s been established: brands don’t want consumers to grow tired of their ads. Changing your ad schedule won’t tire your target audience out, and you might appeal to a different audience segment who have different behavior schedules.

Someone told me that once you find your sweet spot, double down and stick to it. But sometimes you gotta know when to back off. So brand marketers, once you find your sweet spot ad creative, ride the high for a day or two, then get to work on updating that campaign in order keep your target audience engaged and aware of your brand.

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