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Maggie Cassidy
February 21, 2017

3 Ways to Do User-Generated Content the Right Way

selfie-portrait-picture-photo-1.jpgWhat constitutes as user-generated content?

The quick answer to this question is simple: anything created by an online user. Tweets, posts, photos, videos and audio files are all considered forms of user-generated content.

2017 will be the year where publishers and brands look to user-generated content to increase their engagement and brand reach, and Insticator has decided to outline three ways to help publishers and advertisers make the most out of user-generated content.

1. Realize User-Generated Content’s Consumer Importance

Viral content like videos and photos are the best option when it comes to implementing user-generated content to increase brand reach. The viral aspect of the content connects consumers to the brand in a way that standard advertising can’t. According to a survey conducted by Olapic, an earned content platform, 27% of consumers actually rely on user-generated content to influence their purchases rather than advertising from the brand, showing that user-generated content can sometimes make a stronger impact.

2. Understand User-Generated Content’s Role in Social Media

Social media establishes a conversation between a consumer and a brand, and allows consumers to basically power a brand’s social media. If a consumer uploads a photo or a review of a product, both which are considered user-generated content, they ultimately give social validation of a brand. Brand marketers should pay more attention to the content added by consumers on all social media in order to:

  1. Serve their consumers better.
  2. Receive better validation about a product or how to develop a new one.
  3. Understand the needs of their target market.  


3. Put User-Generated Content into Practice

For brands and publishers to maximize user-generated content’s abilities, the content has to be curated to tell a story. An example of user-generated content being utilized effectively is the bank Santander’s newest campaigncreated by WCRS, that features videos from the everyday lives of people. The footage is simple enough - no flashy stars or camera techniques. It’s authentic, which is the whole point of user-generated content and allows the message of communication to be conveyed strongly.


The campaign allows Santander to create an image of their company through the content created by everyday people - not advertisers. Brands should look to campaigns like Santander’s in order to utilize user-generated content effectively and correctly.

With 2017 well underway, brands need to be wary of their user-generated content.To help them navigate the terrain, Insticator’s interactive content widget can serve relevant branded content for websites, encourage social sharing and increase ad revenue. And in order to navigate successfully, brands will have to understand the importance of user-generated content and its role in social media.  

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