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Kiersten Toye
February 03, 2017

3 Ways to Add Super Bowl Hype to Your Insticator Widget

The minute NFL’s playoff season kicks off, Super Bowl buzz resurrects as the forefront of American media. Having entertained over 111 million global viewers in 2016, the Super Bowl’s 51st game shows no signs of disengaging audiences this year. Insticator knows the value of incorporating this trendy topic into your website content, which is how it got a CNET shoutout for being a Super Bowl-savvy tool. As an Insticator partner, you can take advantage of the trending game with the help of your widget’s Trivia, Poll and Article features.

Super Bowl Trivia Blog Image by Kiersten


Share NFL Trivia

Five decades of Super Bowls birthed an assortment of unforgettable NFL moments such as the Green Bay Packers becoming the first ever Super Bowl winners and Whitney Houston’s breathtaking national anthem performance during Super Bowl XXV. Hype your website visitors with nostalgic NFL trivia by adding trivia collections from Insticator’s curated database to your widget.

Here are some collection recommendations perfect for the big day: NFL Super Bowl, NFL Football Players and Super Bowl XLVIII.


Push Prediction Polls

New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons?

Football fanatics are already placing bets on which team will take home the coveted trophy. No doubt your own website visitors have their own predictions in mind. Encourage them to share their thoughts by creating a custom poll collection complete with Super Bowl-inspired questions such as who will win or what Super Bowl party snack they’re most excited to eat.


Add Super Bowl Articles

From NFL player interviews to Super Bowl party tips, it’s easy to discover fresh Super Bowl content around this time of year. You may have created an article on the subject yourself or found a particularly interesting one elsewhere. In either instance, you can share engaging articles with website visitors using Insticator’s Article feature.

If you’re Interested in learning what the Insticator Widget can do for your site, visit Insticator.com.


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